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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Amelie: The Soundtrack by Yann Tiersen

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Amelie: The Soundtrack by Yann Tiersen

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This strange collection of music from within the film was created especially by or in some cases reused by Yann Tiersen. His work which can be explored further here and yet further here almost paints the background for me which I have never found to the same extent before .I tire easily of soundtracks with their heavy reliance on tired techniques and tawdry themes to try to tell the viewer the level of the action in the film.

With Tiersen, the music is used seemingly sparingly until you hear the soundtrack and then watch the film over again. Then you realise just how much music is within the film which to the uninitiated like me is not easily apparent. His trick is with the background music in a café or with music that with the source used gives a different feeling to the shot.

I have now heard much Yann Tiersen and seen his work again in Goodbye Lenin and once again he managed the same.

With Amelie though for the first time the music was the must have item after I saw the film. I listened to it in many places and even now a few years on I can still pick out a new little item that I never before recognised or heard. That is similar to the film itself and shows the magic created by Yann Tiersen.

Click here to listen to samples


- Labels Here is a link of some of videos of music from Amelie as well as other Yann Tiersen work

This takes you too a great collection of articles in French about Yann's Work

Yann Tiersen - Le site officiel

The Low Down

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When I sat through and listened to Jeunet descriptions of the film, the moods within it as well as some of the problems filming, lighting and processing it I was spellbound.

On the whole I have no interest in film making beyond maybe the odd glance through the extra bits of the Lord of the Rings trilogy by Peter Jackson but this information about the film added colour, introduced hidden elements and opened a new world of secret surprises within what was a surprising film.

I revelled in the information which led me to start finding out more abou the film and take more of an interest in new films that were coming out. The first of which was a trailer I had seen when watching Amelie for Y Tu Mama Tambien.


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This was the film that started me going back to the cinema on my own and made me starting watching films again after many years of watching stale hand by downs from Hollywood.

It was also the film that made me intially obsessive. I had to find the music, some literature, promo stuff as well as eventually tracking down a bonus disc of material from a special edition of the DVD. I even bought a damn book all the way from France! actual French......I do not read much French!

The film itself has all the elements which I know now entertain me:

Slight quirkiness and yet revered normality.
Immensely beautiful yet simple photography.
Skilful but hidden post production and special effects.
Innovative and yet familiar background music.

Amelie : First Impressions

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The one word that always comes from me when discussing Amelie by Jeunet is happy. From the day I went to see this film in Manchester to the times spent watching it on DVD at home I have felt different emotions from many ranges but in the whole the majority have been closely linked to happiness.

I just remember walking away from the cinema different than when I went in and few films have achieved this even epics. It was partially the story but more importantly it was the mood, the message and the magic that I had just watched.

I actually went and told others and took part of the films message with me.

That in itself is a rarity for me and was my first impression of the wonderful world of Amelie Poulin.